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St John The Baptist Church Of England Primary School

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Our heartbeat

At St John the Baptist Primary School, our aim is to help the children grow into curious, passionate scientists who are advocates for change. Within our broad and balanced curriculum, the children have the ability explore their innate curiosity and understanding of the world through a rich, immersive science curriculum. In this ever-changing society, the children have the opportunity to ask meaningful questions whether big or small and collaboratively make sense on the world around them on a local, national and global scale. In order to answer these questions, the children become the scientist during active investigations and problem solve as part of a team. Within this learning process the children are taught how to predict, investigate and explain their thinking about an array of scientific concepts enabling them to be the best scientist they can be. At St. Johns we strive to ensure that all of our learning is purposeful and rooted in first-hand experience as we believe if the children are engaged they will be motivated to learn. Through our topic lead approach to learning the children are able to make links across subjects such as English and maths and apply key skills to aid them in their scientific enquiry. We are lucky enough to many scientific areas such as a woodland, pond area, science garden and sensory garden for the children stemming from the Early Years through to Year 6 to explore through purposefully planned opportunities.  We hope that the children will finish their journey at St John’s with a deepened love and curiosity for the scientific world around them and never stop asking questions.