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St John The Baptist Church Of England Primary School

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Our heartbeat

Here at St John’s the Baptist Primary School, we encourage children to be able to communicate and express themselves confidently in a safe, respectful environment. We foster curiosity about language and culture and deepen understanding of the World from the moment children enter school. We are committed to ensuring the children understand that our school community speaks many languages and that this enriches everyone.

Through the friendships children make, they are given the opportunity to make connections and links between backgrounds and cultures. Although Modern and Foreign Languages are not taught explicitly until Key Stage 2 our whole school approach aims to instill a positive attitude towards learning languages to help our children understand their place in a multi-cultural society. We strive to celebrate the range of languages that different children can speak and use this to encourage and stimulate the children’s curiosity into developing their awareness of cultural differences.

We work hard to ensure that the teaching of a foreign language supports the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills across the curriculum as well as in the target language. We aim to develop resilient learners, who not only enjoy learning French in a fun and stimulating way, but also establish the foundations and love for learning of other languages later in life.