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St John The Baptist Church Of England Primary School

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Our heartbeat

At St John the Baptist Primary school we believe that all children can do maths and we endeavor for our pupils to foster a love of mathematics for life. We believe that all of our pupils have the right to be taught how to become numerate and to be empowered through maths. We aspire for our mathematicians to be confident, resilient and inquisitive problem solvers who have proficient conceptual understanding and relish their challenges. We believe that we have the expertise and ability to help all pupils reach their full potential.

Our children are encouraged to become logical thinkers who are empowered by their enjoyment, their excitement and their fluency of the subject, and who question their curiosity of the mathematical world around them. Mathematics is important in everyday life. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our pupils develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude that will stay with them.

During their journey with us, we aspire to help them become independent, reflective thinkers that make connections and that these transferable skills are used throughout our whole school curriculum.