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St John The Baptist Church Of England Primary School

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Curriculum Subjects | Rye Oak Primary School               English

Our heartbeat

At St. John’s, we want children to fall in love with the English language; the opportunities to create and the world of words which they can discover.

We ensure they see writing is a powerful tool of communication: it can bring joy, move minds and deliver knowledge. Writing allows children to be expressive, demonstrate an ever-increasing range of vocabulary and communicate complex ideas clearly. Using skills that they will retain for life, they will be effective communicators in any given situation.

We really want children to be passionate about reading now and for the rest of their lives. We believe reading is an essential skill for learning and life: it feeds their imagination and gives them the tools to access a world of information. Being brave and curious readers, children will be encouraged to explore a wide range of literature gaining both enjoyment and knowledge. 

Writing Rationales 
Reading Rationales