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At St John the Baptist Primary School, we believe that Computing lessons enable children to be able to use technology creatively and to

 Computing at St John the Baptist Primary School, is a crucial and fundamental vehicle used to enhance, extend and excite our learners on their journey through and beyond our curriculum. With our progressive and structured approach, our aim is to enable children to become knowledgeable about safety, digital systems, writing programs and to develop the ability to communicate and manipulate information.

As ICT is constantly advancing, our planning and implementation of the curriculum is evolving to match the needs of our learners and the world that they are growing up in. Programming (and debugging) is important because our children use these technologies and then will learn the science and logic behind it so that they can understand and control it, becoming an active part of this huge digital shift that is happening in the world that they are growing up in. Also, the ability to program and code separates those who merely have an idea from those who can make their ideas a reality. Because we want our children to be thinkers and innovators who can bring ideas to life, we need to encourage them to learn how to program.