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St John The Baptist Church Of England Primary School

Living, loving, learning with thankfulness and hope

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Our heartbeat

Art at St John’s, based on the National Curriculum, aims to equip all children with life skills for a successful future that contributes to their local community and possibly wider. Skills, processes, knowledge and understanding are implemented through rich cross-curricular learning journeys that lead to an overall outcome – celebrated through public exhibitions, assemblies and displays.

It is the aim that children develop and become proficient in the various elements of art: painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, printing, collage. Exploration, experimentation and recording are vital to developing skills of: creativeness, analysis and evaluation. A culture in St Johns is to take risks; to be courageous; to make errors, learn from them and to be resilient. All children are encouraged to be imaginative and express thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We aim to give all children the confidence to use a variety of mediums and to develop art processes and techniques. colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space are explored and as children progress they are encouraged to further experiment with these key art principles using a range of medium.

We want our children to know how Art has contributed to our and other cultures and how history has been interpreted through art. Our children will focus on a variety of Great artists, crafts people, photographers and architects as well as local artists, crafts people and designers.

At St Johns, we inspire to create a passion and love for all art that children can take into life with them.