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Welcome to the new School Newspaper Page!

Pupil newspaper - St John's News' is here!!!

Who are we?

Welcome to our new totally fantastic School Newspaper.  Here to bring you the most exciting and up-to-date news about St John the Baptist Primary School.

Leading our team of news-hunters is Mr Dawkins, who meets each week after school on a Friday with a group of Year 6 pupils who, with their noses to the ground, help to 'sniff' out some exciting news stories of events happening around the school.

What do we do?

The news stories will be written by the children themselves, which means they can practise their journalism skills, as well as take on different roles within the team such as: reporter, cartoonist, sports writer, photographer, researcher and editor.  All good fun but with the added extra of helping to develop excellent non-fiction writing skills!

Our main aim is to produce a termly school newspaper written for the pupils - by the pupils.  We want to give the children of St John the Baptist School 'a voice' and at the same time, provide some exciting articles to interest everyone!

What can you do?

Whilst our school newspaper is new, we welcome any ideas from pupils and parents of what they would like to see included in the school newspaper.  If you would like to include a fab piece of work like a story, or a film review or have something interesting to say then speak to your teacher.

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Edition No 1 - Coming Soon.